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Bridgemore Sponsors HIMSS16 NashVegas Event


Bridgemore IT is a proud sponsor of NashVegas Event in Las Vegas, NV on March 1, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PST). To join us in Vegas, click the link below to register!

Register: NASHVEGAS – Presented by TN HIMSS

It’s where Nashville and Las Vegas come together – NashVegas!  Please join us at HIMSS16 for the TN HIMSS chapter reception. Each year, hundreds of industry professionals descend upon the TN Chapter Reception to socialize, engage and collaborate.

With over 1800 members, TN HIMSS is one of the largest HIMSS chapters in the country. Our reception is the perfect place to network with our board members, sponsors and chapter members alike. This is also a great time to learn more about our chapter, annual events and how you can get engaged!

Enjoy a fun filled event at Gilley’s, part of Treasure Island (just across the street from the convention center) from 6:00 to 8:00pm. There will be plenty of free food, drinks, bull riding, line dancing and giveaways!

This is one reception you won’t want to miss! We hope to see you in your best   country attire – don’t forget the rhinestones!

Assume? Or Ask.

“Don’t ever assume that you know what’s important to your stakeholders. Ask them!”

In project and executive leadership meetings, decisions are often are made based on assumptions of the priorities of the projects’ key stakeholders. Individuals in leadership should never assume they know the key goals behind a client’s expectations or healthcare technology performance needs.

For example, in the case of electronic medical records (EMR), it is often the physicians and nurses that project teams’ leadership decisions impact the most. If you really want to know what is important for the acceptance or adoption of an EMR, ask the physicians and nurses.

Since these individuals have the most direct contact with existing EMR systems, they are just as ready to provide honest feedback about their likes and dislikes about existing EMR software as executives are ready to insist that an upgrade be implemented. While many project leaders in the healthcare technology industry have gained valuable experience with the wave of EMR implementation in recent years, it is important that they talk with key stakeholders to understand current challenges and future needs before making official implementation decisions.

Not only is it the right strategy, it’s the right customer service attitude. And with the right customer service attitude, the goals of the healthcare technology industry can not only be met, but can be exceeded as well.

Bridgemore Concepts Awarded Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization Program Subcontract

Franklin, TN, October 6th, 2015 – As a team member for the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health, Bridgemore Concepts is pleased to be part of the team that has been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense to provide an electronic health record off-the-shelf solution, integration activities and deployment across the Military Health System. The contract, known as the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM), is an initiative designed to modernize the military’s healthcare system in a meaningful way, enabling patients and clinicians to capture and share health data that can improve the continuity and quality of care for those who serve and have served our country and their families.

Modernizing the medical records of the millions of service members and their families is vitally important to DoD and our nation. DHMSM will continue the DoD’s leadership in utilizing the best healthcare technology, and can help improve medical outcomes and support the medical readiness of the U.S. military.

“Bridgemore Concepts is honored to be a part of the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health,” said Tammie Osborne, CEO of Bridgemore Concepts. “We are committed to supporting our military and veteran healthcare providers and clinicians during their transition to a world class EHR solution through the DHMSM program. We are excited to partner with the Leidos team to improve healthcare and provide solutions that will fully support quality healthcare and clinical outcomes for the men and women who serve our country in addition to their families and beneficiaries.”

In Bridgemore Concepts’ role with the Leidos Partnership, Bridgemore will provide quality clinicians and healthcare technology implementation services across the country. Bridgemore team members are highly qualified to train and support other clinicians during the transition and adoption of an advanced EHR solution.

The $4.3 billion indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract has a two-year initial ordering period, with two 3-year option periods, and a two-year award term that is earned through successful performance during the previous contract periods.