Our Services

Technology is revolutionizing patient care. Here at Bridgemore, we understand that revolution. Our team of consultants is composed of experienced healthcare professionals that are passionate about equipping healthcare organizations during their transitions to the latest technology. Through education, support, and hands-on assistance, Bridgemore consultants make the experience smoother.


Services we provide:

EMR Conversion Staffing:

System activation or “Go-Live” requires support from subject matter experts with clinical, workflow, and technology experience specific to healthcare systems. Go-Live support requires patience, confidence, and a sufficient understanding of hospital operations. Bridgemore provides team members who will assist and support clinicians and hospital staff during their transition to new technology.


Clinical/Physician Consultants:

Clinical and Physician Consultants are responsible for developing and driving successful clinical work flow and patient-care processes though the application of Cerner’s Clinical Adoption Methodology. Bridgemore Clinical/Physician consultants are experienced clinicians who understand and can support the use of Cerner’s Millennium in delivering patient care.


Program and Project Management:

Our Program and Project managers navigate transitions through organizing, leading, engaging the right stakeholders, holding project team accountable, and understanding leadership goals for each project. They additionally help improve business processes so that patient data accessibility is both prompt and cost effective. Bridgemore’s Program and Project managers are highly qualified individuals that are passionate about providing the resources and consultation necessary to deliver results.


Healthcare IT Strategy:

Converting healthcare facilities to the latest methods of technology and interoperability requires strategic planning and an understanding of an organization’s clinical and business goals. Bridgemore’s Healthcare IT Strategists are experts at developing and executing clinical IT strategies on any scale – from small, to medium sized, or to an enterprise client. We can facilitate leadership’s development of a vision and strategy that includes the latest technology and maintain quality patient care while meeting its goals in a realistic manner in timeframe.