Department of Defense

On July 29th, 2015 the Department of Defense announced its long-awaited contract with the following signatories: Leidos, Cerner, Henry Schein, and Accenture. With the aid of 8 other large business partners and 23 small business partners, the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization (DHMSM) contract will aid military healthcare facilities during their transition to modern interoperability.

Collaboratively, each company will provide the support and resources necessary to streamline health records in military healthcare facilities across the globe. Convenient access of international records is key to optimal patient care for our military personnel and their beneficiaries.  

As one of the 23 small business partners of the DHMSM contract, Bridgemore IT specializes in providing quality resources that aid healthcare facilities during their technology conversions. Bridgemore’s team is composed of industry-leading consultants that are passionate about equipping healthcare providers with the knowledge, experience, and training they need to ensure the quality of patient-care our military personnel and beneficiaries deserve.

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